User Documentation

Full documentation is available in the official PBS Pro Guides.

There is no separate documentation that is solely focused on the open source licensed version.  Although these guides are focused on the commercially-licensed version of PBS Pro, they fully document the open source licensed version as well.  The open source licensed and commercially licensed versions share the same features except as noted below:

Only available with the commercially licensed release:

  • Estimated start times for non-top jobs (pbs_est)
  • Power management (Green Provisioning) add-on
  • Allocation management add-on
  • Data-aware scheduling add-on
  • Docker container integration add-on

Changes in the open source release (as of 14.1):

  • All OS-provided libraries are dynamically linked
  • Removed 3rd party commercial code
  • Code refactoring to adhere to open source best practices

See the /wiki/spaces/~agurban/pages/6193157 for future enhancement plans.

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