How to File Bugs and Feature Requests Against PBS Pro

Issues are Tracked in GitHub

The PBS issue tracker is at

But it might exist there already... see if you can find it.

Filing a Bug or Feature Request (RFE)


In a few words, how does it affect the software user?

What are the steps to reproduce the problem?

If the issue is intermittent and not easily reproducible, what triggers it?

It's helpful to add the platform where the bug is observed, for example CentOS 7.2

Make it easy to understand and reproduce the problem that the user sees.  You can include short illustrative excerpts from log files or terminal sessions.  Do not include large sections of log files or terminal sessions.

Useful Attachments

Output of the $PBS_EXEC/sbin/pbs_snapshot command, or the $PBS_EXEC/unsupported/pbs_diag command

Log excerpts, core files, or terminal sessions to help the developers to analyze the bug more easily


Describe the new feature.  How does it make the world a better place?

The new feature may already be in the works.  You can look through the project documentation pages to find out.