Configurable mailer

The configurable mailer can be useful for wrapping e.g. sendmail and preprocessing the e-mails before sending them to the user. The preprocessing can be for example some kind of ditching or aggregation of emails.

  • Interface “mailer“:

    • Visibility: public

    • Change control: stable

    • Synopsis: server attribute

    • Details: The attribute can be set only by the manager or administrator. The attribute is a string. The value should be a path to a mailer. The default value is macro SENDMAIL_CMD.
      The mailer itself is supposed to work similarly as the sendmail (but simplified):

      • to read the body from the stdin

      • to accept “-f $from” as a parameter

      • to accept an email address as the last parameter.

    • Example: set server mailer = “/usr/bin/pbs_mail_preprocessing”