PBS Pro Versioning (draft only)

(warning) (Work in progress; this is likely to change drastically.  Please be patient.)


  • The initial certified release for each version is the XX.1 release.
    • This is branched off master (mainline) when features are complete or date is reached
  • New features are only checked into master
  • Bug fixes are checked into master and may also be checked in to the XX.1.X release
  • When the XX.1 release is complete and begins being tested a sustaining branch is created

PBS Pro version scheme:

  • 0: new release
  • 1-99: open source stable release
  • 0: initial release of the branch
  • 1-99: released as needed
Build IDs
  • Derived from the time the build request is acted upon

This will have only the version information. Earlier there used to be PBSPro_14.0.0.234543, where the last 6 digits used to represent the build id. (Major.Minor.Patch.build_id)