How to Run a Basic PTL Test

To run PTL, PBS needs to be running.  To run a basic PTL test, you run the pbs_benchpress command from the directory where the test file resides:

Start PBS

   /etc/init.d/pbs start


   systemctl start pbs

Change Directory to Location of Test File

      cd pbspro/test/tests/

Run Your Tests Using pbs_benchpress

  • To run only test_TestCase1 from TestsuiteName:
      pbs_benchpress -t <TestsuiteName>.<test_TestCase1> -o ptl_test1.txt
  • To run all test cases in a test suite:
      pbs_benchpress -t <TestsuiteName> -o ptl_output.txt 
  • To run a test on a setup where the server runs on host M1 and MoMs run on hosts M1 and M2:
      pbs_benchpress -t <TestsuiteName>.<test_TestCase2> -o ptl_test2.txt -l <log level> -p "servers=M1,moms=M1:M2"      

Examples of Running Tests

  • Example of running the "smoketest" test file:
      pbs_benchpress -f pbspro/test/tests/ -o ptl_output.txt            # Using test file name
  • Example of running the "smoketest" test suite:
      pbs_benchpress -t SmokeTest -o ptl_output.txt