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  • Details: Introduce new job attribute Remove_Files using "R" option with qsub, which means "remove ouput/error files upon job completion".
  • "job completion" means terminated with no errors.
  • qsub -R oe
  • The admin can make this behavior as default by using "default_qsub_arguments = -Roe".
  • The user has the choice to tell which files has to be deleted. (.e or .o or both)
  • This will reflect in qstat -f output as: Remove_Files = oe
  • The format is string and the valid values are "e" or "o" or both of them.

  • The default value is None. (option will be disabled)
  • This attribute can be set or read by user, operator, manager.
  • If the job has a remove file attribute and the job has succeeded, std_files doesn't has to be copied. In that case, server will not send a stage out request to mom. In this scenario, $PBS_HOME/spool will contain the std_files and they will be removed as part of the cleanup routines.

Interface 3: Warning messages(MOM) will be generated in the following scenarios.