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While there is an event for reservation ends (RESV_END) there is not one for when a reservation starts or is confirmed. And while there is a hook that can modify reservations at submission time, there isn't one that logs or can make modifications to reservation alteration requests. For tying into real-time accounting systems as well as tracking and reporting the progress of ongoing reservations, this set of changes adds the events RESV_CONFIRM, RESV_BEGIN, and MODIFYRESV that allows the site to easily enhance logging and tracking about advance reservations. The last hook, MODIFYRESV also allows hooks to run against pbs_ralter invocations and apply changes like one would for the RESVSUB hook, in a similar fashion to the relationship between the hooks run for qsub and qalter invocations. All three of these are being completed together due to how closely related these hooks are.  A reverse lookup dictionary has also been added to ease translation of reservation states for hook writers.