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  • The current 'Q' record only prints the queue the job is going into
  • Since the 'Q' record is the first record of the job, it should contain more information of what the job is submitted with.
    • queue (existing) 
    • user
    • group
    • project
    • Account_Name (shown as "account")
    • account (CSA accounting string)

    • jobname
    • reservation ID of the reservation the job is in (shown as "resvID")
    • reservation name (shown as "resvname")
    • ctime
    • qtime
    • etime (will be 0 for routing queue)
    • dependencies (shown as "depend=<DEPENDLIST>")
    • Resource_List resources including select and place
    • array indices submitted for job arrays (shown as "array_indices")
  • Since the 'Q' record is printed when jobs are moved between queues (including when routing queues route between queues), the same data will be printed, but with the most up to date values.