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After PTL rpm Installation, the user has to cd to tests dir to execute test cases. We have -f option in pbs_benchpress but it supports only file. But we cannot use it to run a whole bunch of different tests.

when user runs pbs_benchpress -t testcase, it should do a path search – search current directory, next search test case in installed location.


Currently, PTL doesn't support running test case from non-test directory using pbs_benchpress TestExecution option ('-t') i.e. a directory where all tests exist.


This design document is to support pbs_benchpress to execute test cases(or test suite by it's its class name) from any directory on the host apart from tests directory.


Currently PTL supports getting test info only from tests directory. Now, one can get test info using pbs_benchpress INFO option (pbs_benchpress -i TestSuitName) from any directory apart from test directory.

Summary of order how a test case being searched:

1) current dir
2) user set dir(PTL_TESTS_DIR) (if set)
3) Installed dir (/opt/ptl/)


Assuming PTL is installed in "/opt/ptl/" path and tests directory is present under "/opt/ptl/tests path".


In this case when a test case is executed from /home/user directory, PTL throws error saying "Unknown test case" as it fails to find the test case in current directory as well as in PTL installed directory which is "/opt/ptl/tests/".


Assuming tests directory is moved to "/tmp/tests/" path and if user has set multiple paths in PTL_TESTS_DIR, then PTL will throw an error saying "Unknown testsuite/testcaseInvalid directory specified in PTL_TESTS_DIR"

Ex: export PTL_TESTS_DIR=/tmp/tests:/home/user/tests